16 August, 2018
Salute to the heroes of India on Independence Day
-Ms. Janet D’Souza

‘The flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it.’
Class 9B put up the assembly on Independence Day, with the theme ‘We salute the Real Heroes’, paying respects to the soldiers who fight for their country. It began with the hoisting of the national flag by the chief guests of the day, Mr & Mrs Ramakrishnan , parents of Kartik and Mr & Mrs Nair, parents of Aakash who were our SSC toppers for the year 2017-18.
All the three troops, the NCC, RSP and the Scouts, as well as the Junior cubs, were present during the flag hoisting; the School band played as they escorted the chief guests and the SSC merit holders to the gym area.
The assembly began with the chief guests being felicitated. Krish Fernandes, Hussain and Laxmiraj sang to the tune of ‘Aae Watan’, creating a somber ambience. Hussain gave his speech on the 72nd Independence Day.
The skit was based on the life of Captain Vikram Batra, the unbelievably courageous soldier whose actions in the battlefield transcended heroism. Vikram as a child was inspired by the stories his father would tell him on the great leaders. He gave up a lucrative job in the Merchant Navy to join the Indian Army. As a lieutenant in the 13 Jammu & Kashmir Rifles battalion, he played a pivotal role in the capture of point 5140, an important mountain peak in Dras sector. He was then promoted to the rank of ‘Captain’. As a captain he was in charge of recapturing pt. 4875.; the most difficult warfare campaign undertaken during Kargil War where he fought like a hero until his last breath. His father, Mr. Girdhari Lal Batra receives the Param Veer Chakra for his deceased son, Captain Vikram Batra of 13 Jammu & Kashmir Rifles, on 26 of January 2000, on the occasion of Republic Day by the President of India K. R. Narayanan. The skit was followed by a dance put up by the boys of 9B to a mash up of patriotic songs.
Fr. Rector congratulated the class and as a reflection questioned the audience, was it necessary that we had to lose such a young talented man like him? Was it necessary for him to die? No, if only we can live in brotherhood and peace. We do not do enough to foster peace. Because of vested interests and false precedence, precious lives are lost.
Father Crispino continued “Vikram did not follow the flow; with the amount of information on social media our mind is swayed. We need to have a mind of our own. Vikram had the courage to tell his father that he won’t join the merchant navy, but follow his dream of serving his country. We need more people like Vikram Batra who are passionate in what they like”.
Boys who represented our school in the dance competition held at St. Mary’s Immaculata performed for the audience. Ms. Christina and Ms. Lakshmi conducted the procedure to felicitate our SSC toppers for the year 2017-18 with Mrs.Ramakrishnan and Mrs. Nair giving away the prizes.
Chief guests Mr. Nair and Mr. Ramakrishnan addressed the gathering by thanking the school management and teachers for their hard work and dedication in getting a wonderful result. Mr. Nair advised students to take part in every activity which teachers select for them; to bring about an all round growth. Mr. Ramakrishnan said, “Don’t get swayed away with what you see in the world. There are a lot of vocations available. Follow your heart. Follow your passions, and you will succeed in life.”
Fr. Bernard thanked the class 9B for putting up a great assembly, the troops for the guard of honor along with their teachers in charge. He thanked the chief guests for sharing their thoughts, which were pearls of wisdom; which each student should imbibe. He appreciated the efforts of SSC students and the efforts of the toppers who worked responsibly. He also appreciated the efforts of the people who worked behind the scenes including the boys who put up the backdrop for the program.

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