9 October, 2018
Safety and Security of Children in Schools
-Mrs. Griselda Fernandes

A workshop on Sensitization on comprehensive manual for safety and security of children in schools prepared by National Commission for protection of child rights and Maharashtra Commission for protection of child rights was held on 3 October,2018 at B.N.VidyaHall for the heads of schools. The head teacher of the Primary section of our school, Mrs. Griselda Fernandes attended the workshop.
The meeting commenced at 11 o’clock with the lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. The students invoked God’s blessings and welcomed each and everyone present for the workshop. Mr. Sanjay Mishra and Mr.Vijay Jadhav spoke about the safety measures to be taken in order to avoid the different incidents involving our children in today’s life. One of the ways for example, was to refer to the newspapers that have at least three to four articles on a regular basis about how children are being traumatized or students are unsafe.
The speakers addressed the topics in the manual relating to the safety and security of children in schools prepared by National Commission for Protection of Child Rights.
1. Crime against children in India has increased by 180 per cent.
2. Safe schools have proper plans outlined for emergencies.
3. The infrastructure, maintenance and sanitation.
4. Psycho- social aspects.
5. Juvenile justice act, 2016.
6. POCSO Act 2012.
7. Measures for Protection from Child Sexual Abuse.

Ms. Sonali Patankar the founder of Responsible Netism spoke on the following points:
1. Child cyber bullying
2. Child pornography
3. Child trafficking
4. Stalking
5. Abduction/Kidnapping
6. Fake accounts
7. Morphing
8. Hacking
9. Economic offences
10. Online gambling and gaming to conduct cyber crimes
11. Exposure to violent games-causes
12. Lack of communication
13. Legal ages of all social media apps
The Principals and head teachers/headmasters expressed their challenges and difficulties faced in villages and schools. The workshop drew to a close with Mr.Rajnikanth addressing the challenging situations and assuring the gathering of his guidance when in need. Mr. Aryagave proposed the vote of thanks.