August 31,2016

-Ms. Ashwini Gupte


IMG-20160831-WA0019 IMG-20160831-WA0020 IMG-20160831-WA0023 (1)

A stage play once again at Don Bosco, Matunga, and this time around, it was students of class X who formed the audience for The Blind And The Elephant’s ‘Ripples’, a play by Mr. Gerish Khemani about an ‘iconoclastic’ English teacher who moves to a small town and the lasting ripples he creates in the lives of his students. The Don Bosco International School’s Bianchi Hall was the venue for our SSC students’ very first experience of the world of theatre and to go by their reactions during the play as well as at the post show interaction, a thought-provoking hit it proved to be.

A mélange of opinions gave the idea that though the students found the play to be mystifying at times, they appreciated the acting, the typical teenage humour and especially the theme of friendship running through the play.

“The cast was very good and it was enacted really well,” opined Reon Lobo.

“The witty dialogues and the rapping made us really connect with the actors,” stated Varun Alagappan.

“A bit more clarity regarding the overall message and during the ‘tree scene’ will be helpful to the audience as a whole,” believed Aarnav Marathe.

“The play has helped me appreciate my own teachers and my closest friends even more,” observed Clarence Newton.

“A word of thanks to Fr. Bernard Fernandes, who wanted the students to understand the world of drama and considered it an important aspect of a student’s all round growth,” avowed Aqil Khan.