-Ms. Karuna Dadipogu

The class assembly of Std 5A on Tue 25th Sept 2018 had a skit performed bearing the title “Responsibility is accepting that you are the cause and solution.” The central idea of the skit was the need for responsible behaviour in school and to help our students to understand this need. The skit followed the meditation and reflection conducted by the class teacher Ms. Karuna with the purpose to help students connect with God.
There were two situations depicted in the skit presentation. The first was the scene of students coming together to share their food with another companion who went hungry. The second situation was the acceptance of a new student by the other students of his class. The students played their roles to perfection with the creative props adding variety to the act. There was also the responsibility pledge taken by the students of Stds. 5 and 6. Classroom rules were read by one of the comperes. Each class monitor was given the chart of classroom rules which was to be displayed on every classroom display boards in order to make our students understand the importance of discipline and responsibility towards one another.
The assembly ended with the finale song on responsibility where the entire class participated. Fr. Rector and Fr. Principal thereafter inspired our boys by sharing their thoughts on the assembly.

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