25 August, 2016

-Ms. Anita Philip (Research Guide Teacher)

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 “When kids look up to great Scientists the way they do to great musicians and actors, civilization will jump to the next level” – Brian Greene.

At the onset let me take this opportunity to thank and compliment our 2015-16 research team members for their dedication and hard work put into the two projects they worked on,viz.
1.Our Local Fauna

2.Super Vision of Solar Energy

This year, the number of research club members has increased. We are in all 25 young researchers, 12 from Stds. IX and X, and 13 from Stds. VII & VIII.

Our first level training started off from June 28th. Every Tuesday and Wednesday, these students assemble in the physics/chemistry lab for an hour. They were given various experiments to perform in physics, chemistry and biology, starting from simple to complex, depending on their experimentation skills and grasping capacity. This batch went on to perform qualitative volumetric analysis done in the Stds. XI & XII. It was a proud moment for me to observe students from Std. VII to XI, all performing with the same passion; some repeating the experiments till they got the correct observations. This exercise gives students the chance to improve their experimental skills, develop conceptual clarity, and follow the procedures accurately. All of these are essential for a research student.

In the second level, everyone was given topics that we have taken up this year based on the focal theme declared by NCSC (National Children’s Science Congress) . They were given time to research on all the topics. Finally, they had to choose the topic that interested them the most. Accordingly, groups were formed and responsibilities allotted. Two topics were taken by the seniors and two were chosen by the juniors.

  1. Solar Energy mediated photocatalytic dye using nanoparticles.
  2. Non-noble metallic nanoparticles as electrocatalysts for hydrogen generation
  3. Polymer modified vegetable oil as smart industrial lubricants.
  4. Solar energized photoelectric panels, an important gateway for sustainable development

Most of the experiments are to be conducted in the Mumbai university labs in the coming weeks. Here the students get an opportunity to see and work in high-tech laboratories and also get inputs/guidance from experts in their respective fields. Looking at the potential of these little minds working with so much enthusiasm, they are true gems waiting to shine.