5 July, 2020
Report on the interim P.T.A Executive Committee Meeting
-Ms. Cleffy Dsouza

“Children are the Priority, Change is the Reality and Collaboration is the Strategy”.
Given the pandemic situation and keeping in view the social distancing that has to be maintained, the school organized a meet for the PTA class representatives on a virtual platform on 30th June 2020 at 3.30 pm.
The meeting commenced with a meaningful prayer by the Rector, Rev. Fr.Crispino Dsouza, followed by the reading of the summary of the last PTA minutes by the Secretary, Ms. Vailena Dsouza.
Explaining the rationale for this meet, the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes, stated that given the present pandemic crises, Class representatives for the PTA Executive Body for the year 2020-2021 have been selected only for the interim lockdown period until the time school re-opens physically. The names of the temporary PTA members were then read out by the Head Teacher, Mrs. Griselda Fernandes.
After thanking the retired staff of the Primary Section and introducing the new teacher entrants, the Principal declared the strenna, very aptly penned by him-‘Committed citizens, rebuilding a fragile world’, for this academic year. The members of the Management were creatively introduced through the medium of a power point presentation. This was followed by a report read by the Head Teacher on the syllabus and online teaching program.
Taking the meeting forward, the Principal presented a detailed report on the plan of action undertaken right from 24th March till date.
The Vice Principal Sir Cliffrichard briefed the members about the different Educational policies employed by the school.
The Principal then went on to bring the members up to date on the next points on the agenda, namely, the various school projects undertaken, the expenses incurred and the school App-Circulars and messages.
The Head Teacher then spoke about the different educational programmes that will resume in school once it reopens.
Finally, being the first executive body meeting of the year, the Principal informed the members about the AOB protocol which states that members having queries to raise during a PTA meeting, are expected to submit a copy of the same at least three days prior to the meeting to the Head Teacher.
Since there were no queries forthcoming, the Principal invited a few parents to express themselves regarding their challenges and feelings about the online classes. The virtual meet then ended with the Secretary thanking the parents for their presence.

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