12 July, 2018

Reliving our happy memories through the Year book 2017-18
-Mr. Nelson DSouza

The last scholastic year was a memorable and an eventful one for us because we concluded the platinum Jubilee celebrations of the school. The high point of the celebrations was the visit of our beloved Rector Major Fr. Angel Fernandez for our annual day in November 2018. Besides the jubilee celebration, like any other academic year, we had many activities and programs conducted in the school besides witnessing our school and students win accolades in sports, academics, art and culture.
For those of us who missed on our activities and happenings at DBHS Matunga, or wish to reminisce fondly the academic year gone by, here is a link to our year book 2017-18 (an abstract from our website news). Do enjoy leafing through its pages and join us in reliving our educative moments.