28 July, 2018
Reliving a family bond
Ms. Quency Lobo

Family reminds us of this true saying, Friends may come and go, but a family lasts forever. It is important that we value and cherish relationships, and reminders and preparation to this end begin when we are young. A special feature on the Kg calendar includes the celebration of the Family Day. The date chosen this year for the Jr Kg was 25th July 2018.
Family games and activities were planned by the teachers for the children on this special occasion. Children were asked to speak about their family viz. number of members, and the names of parents and siblings. When asked questions about their family they were only eager and happy to respond which was an attestation of the special bond that was prevalent at home. The celebrations drew to a close with the singing of a family song.
Indeed, our children proved that family is not just an important thing; family is everything.

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