10 December, 2019
Religious architecture expresses religious belief and aesthetic choices
-Mrs. Sandra Alphonso

A place of worship is a specially designed structure where people gather for devotion, veneration and religious process. Educational trips are integral part of the curriculum. In order to reinforce the topic ‘Places of visit’ taught in class, the boys of the Jr. Kg went on a field trip on 30th November, 2019. Four places of worship Fire Temple, Church, Mosque and Temple were identified for the visit.
The journey started with a visit to the Fire Temple the place of worship of the Parsis. Here, the children came across the huge carved structure, attractive statues and different kind of art work. They then visited the most beautiful Gloria Church at Byculla built in the English Gothic style and is a heritage building. The children were introduced to the Christian ways of worship. The boys were mesmerized with the beautiful carved arches and columns, marble altar, altar pieces, elaborate stained glasses, loft, richly carved pulpit and statues. The children showed respect by maintaining silence. Then they sat in the pews and offered prayers to the divine. The calm and serene atmosphere of the place filled them with a renewed energy. The concept of faith, prayer and belief of Christians were introduced to the boys who basked in glory of divinity. This trip provided learning of heritage and history to the kids.
They then proceeded to the exquisite Haji Ali Mosque located on the islet off the coast of Worli. The boys were excited to view, from the promenade, the mosque that was in the middle of the water and it was altogether a new experience. The children viewed the dome on the top and the minarets at the corner of the mosque which serve to call the people to pray. The children were told about the religious practices of the Muslims.
The children then proceeded to the iconic Siddhivinayak temple the place of worship of the Hindus. The boys were excited to see the huge dome shaped shikhara and the smaller gilded domes adorn the temple structure. They saw many stalls selling garlands, coconut and modak. The teacher explained to the children the different approaches to worship, prayer and its practice.
The trip helped the children to explore the theme on worship, religion and symbols getting a firsthand experience of the different spiritual expressions. The boys were taught to develop tolerance and respect to other religions. The boys left school with the message from their teachers that Religion of Humanity was above all religion and that they should love and care for each other.

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