18 July, 2019

Rejuvenating young minds towards a Sustainable future. Love-The only Antidote
-Mrs. Anita Philip

The students of X-B in their assembly held on 17th July 20-19 highlighted the acute water crisis in India and the problems caused by severe heat wave observed in different parts of the world due to climate change
Their objective was to empower the students about the climate emergency. Urging them to use water judiciously and adopting a sustainable lifestyle as it impacts everyone currently living on this planet and the future generations. The skit also highlighted the contributions of young teen climate activists Greta Thunberg, Aman Verma, and be inspired, by being the voice of the silent majority-the millions of people in our country and across the globe, suffering and struggling for survival due to climate change.
Today one cannot guarantee fair access to clean air, water and food to all living organisms due to our actions and lack of awareness. Rejuvenating young minds towards a sustainable future is the need of the hour. This could only be achieved by our love and concern for our Mother Nature.

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