10 December,2019
-Mrs. Elizabeth Soares

The Regional Summit of School Principals of Maharashtra organized by ICTRC was held on 5th December, 2019 at Hotel Kohinoor Continental, Andheri (E). As a Supervisor in the Secondary section of the school I was delegated to be a part of this seminar. The objective of the summit was to look into the contemporary issues faced by schools and to equip school principals with knowledge, skills and attitudes which are simple to adopt in everyday practice and easily transferable to teachers, students and parents.
The inputs received from the summit were as enriching and beneficial. Some of the salient features include:
1.The Principal plays the role of the administrator, programme manager, motivator and human right expert. He needs to be impartial. The Principal should not deny access to the staff. He can have a cup of tea with his staff.
2.The teacher needs to enjoy learning -L- Lively, E-Educative, C-Creative, T-Thought provoking, U- Understanding , R- Relevant, E- Enjoyable.
3.Students need to learn how to learn. Failure needs to be celebrated.
4.Teachers need to be given the credit that is due. The teacher has to be the father and mother of the child in school. They need to be neutral to every child. They need to live by example. Every child must be treated like your child. We need to respect the faith and trust that parents have in the teacher.
5.Teacher-student relationship needs to be happy. Teacher-principal relationship needs to be good.
6.Principal’s need to balance between students-staff-teachers-parents and the community. The principal needs to lead from the centre.
7. We need to understand the intelligence, interest, needs, attitudes and values, prejudices, culture, traditions, religion, socio-eco status and language for healthy relationship to help congenial environment.
9.Attachment and relationship can be built upon by following the culture of appreciation, using positive events as resource, by creating a positive bond, by understanding individual differences, by giving importance to trust and sharing governance.
10. Principals need to be humble, they need to delegate carefully, train and select well. The need is to care for your staff and be genuinely interested in the person.
11. Celebration of days is a must as it gives a feeling of belongingness. It helps in motivation and helps in the vision and mission of the school.
The summit concluded with feedback and the distribution of certificates.

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