5 February, 2018

Reflecting deeper into our life, our faith – Retreat and Recollection: Std VIII

-Aaryan G and Jehan B 

The school organized a retreat for the Catholic boys of Std VIII on 30th Jan 2018. The retreat was animated by Rev Fr.McEnroe Lopes who guided us in deepening our faith and choosing a right career. The session was animated with activities and a workshop that had the boys divided into groups to better understand the theme on having a larger perspective of life. This retreat then concluded with a Eucharistic celebration. Master Aldon D’Souza thanked Rev Fr. McEnroe for his valuable inputs and his enriching session and Master Andre presented a token of gratitude on behalf of the school.

Meditation has always been at the heart of every tradition and daily life. It was an important part of the session conducted for the non-Catholic students of Std VIII by Fr. Leon Rodrigues . At the start of the session, Fr. Leon played an emotional, heart touching song which was a calming experience for the students. Fr. Leon in turn asked the students to be grateful for everything they have received: their life, body, friends, family etc.  The activity conducted involved the students drawing a heart with their name in it along with any five qualities which described them the best.  The students then meditated and reflected on the qualities that they had written.  Fr. Leon played a video where impossible stunts were performed by professionals. He then asked the students to write down the stunt which they liked the most.  Another video conveyed the contentment and fulfillment of a disabled man who overcame life’s physical and mental obstacles. This story deeply touched the students. Ms. Sonali thanked Fr. Leon on behalf of the staff and students for conducting an enriching and inspiring session.

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