13 August, 2019
-Ms. Perpetual Nazareth

9th August 2019 marked the beginning of the House Day celebrations in the school. The themes for these days reflected the theme for the year ‘Journeying Together in Joy and Holiness’ The Red House attempted to reflect on the rich and voluminous historic journey of the school. The ambience was set as students dressed as Salesian priests stood in the entrance lobby. They portrayed the different educators who had and still have a strong desire to journey with the young in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, the outreach programs, the night study classes, the inclusive education: the heartbeats of a rich Salesian educative system. These pioneers believe that the young is the reason for their existence and toil. And they have taken this exhortation from our Father and Founder, Don Bosco. Each of them have made their mark with their own intrinsic qualities which has brought the school to heights of glory during their tenure. The Rector appreciated the idea calling it a beautiful one. The charts pertaining to the topic adorned the corridors and open spaces of the school building.
The assembly over the intercom included a rumination of the impressive history of the school. Sir Rajesh recited an original Hindi Composition of the journey. The students then reflected on this beautiful journey that we all are a part of, which was interspersed with appropriate, melodious rendition of Bollywood old hits on the theme.
The students were thereafter invited to watch the specially prepared PPT presentation in their respective classrooms which showed Fr. Aurelius Maschio’s dream of building a school which would impart holistic, life-long learning to empower children to be ambassadors of compassionate, just and productive citizenship and his tenacity and dedication which helped create the beautiful edifice that Boscoites call their own today.
There were added celebrations during the breaks with songs on ‘journey’ played and sung by the students over the intercom. The Red House wished everyone a Happy Journey on this occasion filled with enthusiasm and optimism.

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