11 August, 2019
Recollection Std VII-working together to learn values
-Ms. Angel Chellaperumal

A recollection session was conducted for the students of Std 7 on 10th August, 2019. Fr. Mylin Noronha and Fr. Jesu Robinson were the resource persons for this recollection and they organized it with the help of various activities for the students.

In the session conducted by Fr. Mylin for the students, he made them form groups of eight. He showed them a video on flying without wings and asked questions related to the video. He also related his explanation to the theme ‘Journeying together in Joy and Holiness’. In the activity that followed, the students received a set of match sticks, glue and were instructed to build a tallest tower. There was excitement, discussion and sharing of ideas in the groups to build the tallest building. Relating this activity to life, Fr. Mylin compared the matchsticks to the qualities of life as we are gifted with many talents. He also mentioned the aspect of God in our life that helps us to be successful similar to the glue that helped the matchsticks to stick to one another. Fr. Mylin spoke to the students on Holiness where he advised them to take a break from daily routine, recall all the memories and also insisted to learn and discover things without technology like mobile and video games.

In the second session conducted by Fr. Jesu Robinson, the boys again worked in groups to brainstorm and write ten values. The students were guided to identify one value which was prominent in them. During the session, videos on teamwork, helping others, being responsible and saving water where shown to the boys. Fr. Jesu stressed on the need to be responsible rather than being carefree. The session concluded with a puzzle where Fr. Jesu spoke on compromises, unity and responsibility in our life.
The recollection session proved to be a good learning experience for the boys.

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