Your life-A Motivation to Others
Recollection for Std VI
-Mrs. Selma Gonsalves

A time for quiet and a place for peace are gifts that we all thirst for in an age of technology and restless activity. As they grow up, our children need these moments more than the others. Days of recollection and retreat are important days at Don Bosco, Matunga. While the Christian boys of Std 6 had their retreat, the other students had a recollection on 10th September, 2018.
For the recollection, there were two simultaneous sessions-one in the AV Hall, Provincial house and the other in the classrooms-happening on this day. In the AV Hall, the group of students was animated by our Rector, Father Crispino D’Souza. Being relatively new to recollection days, Father Crispino initiated the students into recollection explaining the term and the significance of the activity. He explained to the students the importance of life and the need to cherish it. He enumerated further with examples, games and activities. These helped the students discover their own potential and not to take life for granted. Fr. Rector also stressed the importance of a family and school. A family is an important unit of society and so is the school. We should all work towards its development.
The second session was taken up in the classrooms by the respective moral science teachers. A video and PPT were viewed for the students to emphasize spiritual nourishment together with physical growth. These presentations also depicted values of acceptance, hard work and facing challenges. “Enjoy life! Respect life! Appreciate life with its blessings and challenges.” That was the message to take along for the students following the day’s program.

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