10 March, 2020
Recitation in one voice
-Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas

The students of Std. III and IV of the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga participated in a Choral Recitation Competition held on March 9, 2020 in the Bianchi Hall. The poems were selected by the class teachers keeping their students in mind. After a nod from the Head Teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes practice for this Competition began in all earnest. The teachers emphasised correct diction, voice modulation, facial expressions, body language and presentation. Some classes had incorporated the element of drama in their presentation. The teachers were aware of the evaluation criteria and trained their students accordingly.
Mrs. Beatrice Pinto, Mrs. Koeli Bhan and Mrs.Celine Miranda were the esteemed judges for the day. The teachers ensured that the students maintained discipline in the hall to guarantee an effective and enriching session. They were marked for this. The judges were impressed by the performance of the students who had followed their teachers’ instructions perfectly and displayed uniqueness in their presentations. The feedback given by the judges was encouraging and their suggestions were valuable.
The choice of poems was excellent. The students were well prepared and the outcome of this competition was good. The students learnt to work together as a team. They accepted the fact that each class mate was important and respected each one`s role in the competition.
Std. III D and Std. IV D were the winners of this competition. Each child from these classes was awarded a certificate by the Head Teacher.

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