29 November, 2019
Reading Programme For Std I and II
-Ms. Mohini Goshi

It is very well said “The more you read, the more you know, and the more you know, the smarter you grow”. Bearing this fact in mind, the students of Std I and Std II had their reading programme on 27th November, 2019.
The ‘opening of the book’ for the 2nd term was done by each class teacher of Std I and II using their innovative ideas and techiques of reading to make it more interesting. Ms. Jyotsna Singh of Scholastic books came and observed the lesson. Ms. Mohini Goshi said, “The usual practice is that Ms. Jyotsna Singh conducts the session of opening the book. However this time around, the class teachers opened the book in their respective classrooms. The teachers had incorporated the methodology of Ms. Jyotsna and they did their best.
The students were very happy and excited to open their book and read it. All the activities conducted by the teachers for their respective classes added to the delight and joy of the children besides providing a great learning experience. The students had fun and enjoyed this programme.

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