17 June, 2018

Reading for Fun
– Ms. Tejashree S. Vesvikar

‘Reading is dreaming with open eyes’ as rightly quoted at the reading workshop held on 13th June, 2018.  The workshop was conducted by Ms. Jyotsna from Scholastic India for the staff of the Primary section and the English faculty of the Secondary section since the Reading program will be initiated for our children from I to VI from this academic year.
Ms. Jyotsna began the session with a predictive activity to provoke the thought process. The resource person enlightened the staff on the methods to develop an interest among students to read books by connecting the content with students’ interest. “Reading is for entertainment or pleasure”, said Ms. Jyotsna explaining the importance of reading and the principles to be followed while reading a particular book. There are various individual and group activities to keep the students engaged and the staff were issued with some reading strategies. The methodology was to equip every student with a book to read and after completion of the reading activity, the students would be provided with the reading journal to check their comprehension.
The program ended with a motivation for every staff member to read and make reading activity more creative and purposeful for students.

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