1 December, 2016

 Ms. Vailena D’Souza

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The Primary Section of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, had its Annual Sports Day on 30th November, 2016. The children reported at 08:00am in their school uniform and freshly polished white canvas shoes. The boys participating in the drill displays came brightly dressed in their respective costumes; and all assembled with great enthusiasm on the Hockey ground for the Sports Meet.

Upon arrival, Fr. Rector, who was also the Chief Guest, unfurled the school flag amid zestful applause. The national anthem was sung patriotically and the ceremonial lighting of the torch was performed by the best Sportsman of the Year. The student representatives recited the Sportsman Prayer and took the oath, and this was followed by a rousing performance by the school band. Then began the fantastic drill displays by every standard, painstakingly choreographed by the teachers and perfectly executed by the students.

Std I provided a perfect start to the drill display through an exotic ribbon exhibition with the colourful ribbons signifying universal brotherhood. Std II through their zumba performance provided a lesson in losing weight and keeping fit. Std III swirled their hips gracefully using hula hoops and, not one to be left behind, Std IV displayed how aerobics provides excellent cardiovascular exercise.  The Activity students were up next following the drill displays.  They unveiled a fine performance in aerobics, karate and gymnastics. The Chief Guest then addressed the students as well as the spectators and declared the Sports Meet open.

Then began the heats, after which the classes dispersed for their individual team events by each standard. The team events were as follows:

Std I –    Bunny Hop Relay, Ruler Relay, Ball Relay

Std II – Lemon and Spoon Relay, Zigzag Relay, Shuttle Relay

Std III – Hopping Relay, Balloon relay, Bouncing the Ball relay

Std IV – Crazy Waiter Relay, Tunnellimg the Ball, Ring Relay

The prize winners of the different heats and team events were then awarded their medals and certificates. The Chief Guest then declared the Sports Meet closed and the school flag was lowered with respectful silence; and this brought yet another exciting but eventful, Sports Day to an end.        .