Rashtriya Harit SenaThe Rashtriya Harit Sena’s initiative extends to become a Nature Club project

-Mrs. Arti Dodti

Teachers of the Mumbai south zone schools attended a seminar on July 15, at the Dharavi Nature Park themed ‘GLOBAL WARMING AND CLIMATE CHANGE.’ Two lectures, ‘River March’ by Mr. Gopal Zaveri, and ‘The Climate Reality Project’ by Mrs.Nandini Deshmukh (Ex H.O.D of Kirti College) provided information on impending global crises and the means to avert them.

The first, a documentary, gave information about the abysmal condition of rivers in Mumbai, with suggestions for students to work on projects, in order to raise awareness. You are welcome to look up the Facebook page ‘River March For India’ for related information.

The second lecture focused on creating climate leaders who would ‘Think globally, act locally and change personally’ to reduce their carbon footprint. Do visitwww.eelab.info for further information.

The programme concluded with a sharing of the success story of the Harit Sena.