16 March, 2019
Raell Padamsee’s Interactive Annual Day (Stds 1 and 2)
-Mrs. Alareen Fernandes

On March 15, 2019 Raell Padamsee’s ACE productions with their team organized an interactive Annual Day for the students of Std. 1 & 2 in two sessions (Std. 1 & 2 -A & B late morning and Std. 1 & 2- C & D afternoon) in the Bianchi Hall.
All the students were well-trained by the teachers of the ACE productions. The students regaled the audience with a wide display of skills showcasing the different activities conducted during class-poem, speech exercises, mispronounced words, use of prop, word of the day, short play and word pronunciation.
Being an interactive annual day, some parents who had come to witness the event came forward on stage to show the use of prop in a different manner. They enthusiastically repeated the word of the day and took interest in all activities. “It was a fun filled experience. I enjoyed the mispronounced words the best. I myself learnt how to pronounce a few words. I am happy our children have this opportunity with the Ace Academy.” said Marilyn Serrao, parent.
The colourful costumes and the student’s performance on stage made the audience smile and have a good time. The students dished out a program that was well coordinated and executed.

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