9 September, 2018

Protect our oceans- a presentation by Sr Kg children
-Ms. Tasneem Ansari

The Kg section has been making an impact through a committed follow-up of the Greenline initiatives and lines of action to protect our environment. The time has come for all of us now to speed up the process of awareness and enforce bold measures to save our lands and oceans. On 8th September, the SrKg-B children well trained by their teachers presented a skit to depict the pollution of sea water by waste from factories, garbage thrown in the sea water and the oil spill from the ship which endangers the marine life.
The children though small, were effective in their presentation as was noticed in the follow-up activity that followed the skit. The Supervisor, Miss Shoba had an interactive session with the boys who were attentive to the many interventions and concerns at the presentation that lay emphasis on the protection of our ocean and saving the marine life.
The programme was attended by the Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes, the Greenline representative Miss Anushka and the nature club teacher from the Secondary section Miss Ugandhara. They all appreciated the efforts of the boys and the teachers. Fr. Principal in his message to the Kg boys persuaded them to keep up the practice of throwing litter in the dustbin at every place thus keeping our environment clean.

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