4 July, 2018

Promoting and nurturing Science

IRIS Workshop

By Ms. Anita Philip


A workshop for around 150 students from STD VII to STD X was conducted in the school conference hall by IRIS (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) on the 29th of June for over an hour. The session was conducted by Ms. Sweta, IRIS coordinator and Dr. Kishore Amin, a researcher and scientist from The Tata Memorial Hospital.
They highlighted the purpose, goal and work done by IRIS. Their aim is to promote and nurture science and scientific research among young innovators between the age group 13 to 17years. With the sole purpose to recognize and reward outstanding project, IRIS provides a platform for these little geniuses to represent India at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in USA.
Our guest speaker provided tips to the students to think of good projects bearing a novel idea. He gave a few examples to help students understand better. He emphasized the fact that learning on your own helps one understand well and also develop problem solving skills, which is so important in the field of research.
Short inspiring videos of a few great scientists who became famous by their discoveries at a young age of 13/14 years were screened for the audience. These scientists were born with no special talent but they were passionately curious. This curiosity led them with its own purpose of reasoning. They worked tirelessly and never gave up. Likewise our guest speaker urged our students to work very hard, to quiz about problems for long and try to become men of value to the world.
It was in all a very interactive session. There was an encouraging and positive feedback from the students. With the change in syllabus for Stds 8th, 9th, 10th and the text books emphasizing more on research, activities, understanding, personal response and problem solving skills, workshops like these would go a long way in helping our students adopt and develop on these skills.