24 October, 2018
Professional Excellence: Training and Development
Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth

The management of DBHS and DBIS, Matunga arranged a program for the staff by Mr.Vincent D’Silva, a prolific personality, a visiting faculty at renowned Business schools in India on “Professional Excellence: Training and Development” on October 22nd 2018 for the staff of both the schools in the Bianchi hall. Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino D’souza began the session with a prayer. Principal of DBHS Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes introduced the speaker to the staff.
Mr.Vincent initiated the need for things that are critical for the success as teachers and the institution. He encouraged the teachers to be life-long learners themselves to generate life-long learners in their classrooms. The session was made interesting through the presentation of facts on the reality of a student and teacher now and the challenges that we need to face in the near future. This was imminent with more changes foreseeable in education in the near future. Mr.Vincent emphasized on the SWOT analysis to focus on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats faced in the role as an educator because what we do today can improve all our tomorrow’s.
Mr.Vincent created a feeling of excitement and a sense of fulfilment when he emphasized on the magnificence, magnitude and magnanimity of a teacher’s responsibility and influence among the students. He inspired the teacher audience by listing the qualities that a Star Teacher possesses: loves teaching, derives immense satisfaction watching the children grow in confidence and maturity, creates a non threatening space in the classroom which facilitates two way learning in the classroom, has concern, affection and empathy towards students that is unwavering.
Mr.Vincent emphasized that a teacher has to now assume the role of a Learning Designer to alter the DNA of the society he/she lives in. A Learning designer needs to focus on six survival skills for 2020 viz. critical thinking and problem solving, teamwork and collaboration, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurship, accessing and analysing information and curiosity and imagination.
The speaker also spoke on the need to connect with people, of having an emotional bank account and the qualities of an emotionally intelligent teacher, of communicating at a higher level, building relationship with parent, managing student challenges, how to discipline with the right body language, and dealing with angry children. Mr. Vincent ended the session with a thought provoking question “Are you a Servant Leader?” which is definitely the need of the hour. The session concluded with the vote of thanks given by Mrs. Vailena D’souza.

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