Primary Section Celebrates Bosco Week
Ms. Samantha Cardoz

“A man was sent by God whose name was John. Father and Teacher of Youth.”
To celebrate the life and legacy of Don Bosco, the boys at Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga celebrated Don Bosco Week from 22nd January to 30th January, 2021 with a lot of zeal, enthusiasm and excitement.
Teachers here at Don Bosco leave no stone unturned whether studies or celebrations. Various activities like puzzles, worksheets, online stories, singing hymns were organized throughout the week during the online session depicting the life of our patron saint, St. John Bosco.
It is most certain that Don Bosco is alive today, alive in so many different realities where thousands and thousands of students carry his dream forward in their unique way, in the name of God. And he continues to be our inspiration.
Students participated wholeheartedly in the activities organized for the day. They were all thrilled to solve the quiz and worksheets. Master Keith Saldanha, the primary captain from IV A stated, “This year the celebration of the feast of Don Bosco was fun and interactive. We got to know a lot more about the life of our patron saint.” Master Shaurya Waghmare of IV B quoted “Don Bosco inspired us by his gentleness, kindness and holiness”.
We are confident that the mission “Signs and bearers of God’s love to the young” will be carried out by our students too. The celebration was brought to its completion with a sense of spiritual nourishment and mutual bond among the students.

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