13 March, 2017

 -Ms. Alareen Fernandes and Ms.Mohini Ghosh

As part of the Jubilee celebration (75yrs of the school), the students of the Primary section prepared creative charts on different topics in class on 11th March 2017. The classes witnessed great enthusiasm as the children prepared these teaching aids. The charts were beautiful and innovative show-casing their talent as well as their hard work in preparing these charts. It was a good learning experience for them.

The students of Std I celebrated ‘Save the Animals Day’ on 9th March, 2017. This was in keeping with the curriculum. To mark the celebration, the students were asked to bring along masks or puppets or soft toys of any animals and describe them in a sentence or two.  An interactive discussion was conducted in the classroom. The movie Delhi Safari shown to them was based on saving animals and their shelter. It was very informative. The students were disheartened by the fact that we human beings ill- treat the animals to meet our own needs. The students pledged to take care of the animals.