19 November, 2017

Primary Bash

-Ms. Mohini Goshi

Navneet publication organized a program ‘Primary Bash’ on 15th November, 2017 for the teachers of the Primary section. Around hundred and sixty four teachers of different schools of South Mumbai participated in the program to form a healthy symbiosis of schools and their teachers.

The program began with the welcome of the chief guest Mr. Mahesh Palkar Saheb, Education officer of the Primary Department.  Mr. Saheb explained the importance of R.T.E rules that form very much a part of the education system. He also touched on the topics related to the reading capacity and the baseline tests which for the important ingredients of our present educational system.

Reading capacity – As per the new statistics report, the reading capacity of the students has decreased from 94% to 74% which is not very encouraging. For this we need to improve the reading skills, writing skills and thinking skills of the students.

Baseline Test – In order to improve the above three skills in the students, the baseline test program was introduced in the year 2016-17. The English and Mathematical tests that are administered from Stds 1 to 8 help improve written, oral and understanding skills.

In yet another presentation, Mrs. Rekha Vijaykar quoted “Good Teachers Teach, Great Teachers Transform” while giving tips for the teachers to use different methods in teaching e.g. learning by doing  and joyful learning.