3 August, 2018
Presentation by our national qualifier 2017 Soham Shastri at NCSC teachers training
-Mrs. Anita Philip

The South zone(all wards) teachers training for (National Children’s Science Congress) NCSC -2018 was held on 28th July, in Anjuman Islam Girls High School, Mumbai. The training was from 10am to 1pm. English and Marathi sessions were conducted in two separate classes.
The resource teachers for English were Ms. Anita Philip, Ms. Ruchi Singh, and Ms. Maneka Marshal. The training in Marathi was conducted by Ms. Joytsana Dalvi, Sir Mohite and Sir Shinde. The training session was coordinated by Mr. B B Jadhav, State President NCSC.
The training session comprised of
1. A presentation by our National qualifier – 2017 Master Soham Shastri. The presentation was well appreciated by the teachers. It also helped the teachers to get an idea about chart preparation, oral presentation and proper time management.
2. A detailed insight into the preparation and presentation of research projects. The possible project topics, project ideas, expected outcomes, and preparation of oral presentation.
3. A power point presentation giving brief inputs on the Focal theme: Science, technology and Innovation for a clean, green and healthy nation. Likewise the summary and project ideas for each sub themes were discussed.
Registration forms, a letter to the school principal and a booklet was given to all teachers present. Mr. Jadhav thanked all the resource teachers for their dedication and valuable inputs.

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