12 November, 2016

-Ms. Pearl Lobo

12nov006 12nov003

The Pre-Primary section celebrated Diwali on 26th October 2016, a day before the school closed for the Diwali vacation.┬áThis year we celebrated an eco-friendly Diwali with no crackers. Each class was decorated with colorful lanterns and beautiful rangolis. In the classroom, the children were told the story of ”Diwali” and how it was celebrated. People clean and decorate their houses and streets with lights, lanterns, and rangolis. They wear new clothes, prepare sweets and wish each other ”Happy Diwali”.


The children were advised to play a safe Diwali, especially with the bursting of crackers. The children were taken to play games in the activity room and then were back to their class to share their sweets and enjoy the dance session. It was truly an enjoyable day for them.