17 June 2017


Ms. Bindu Keny and Ms. Anita Alex


Prayer services marked the auspicious beginning of the new scholastic year in the Secondary and Primary section of the school on 16th June and 17th June 2017 respectively.

In the Secondary section, Std.10th E invoked God’s blessings on the new scholastic year through a prayer service. They interceded to Don Bosco through prayer and highlighted the importance of prayer in life by quoting the personality of Don Bosco himself who derived strength in his difficult circumstances through a life of sanctity. The assembly joined in prayers seeking God’s blessings on mother nature, our nation, soldiers, one another and our families.  It was an offering of prayer wrapped with faith, submitted with hope and presented to the Lord with love for the entire universe.  Prayer, the commentator opined, is  synonymous to doing good to others and being genuine in relationships.

Fr Principal and Fr Vice Principal lighted the lamp and blessed the symbols to usher in a fulfilling new academic year. Hymns were sung to express gratitude to God  and also to place petitions for the unfortunate ones before the Almighty.

Fr Principal summed up the prayer service as being a deeply meaningful one and encouraged everyone to practice politeness and kindness – fruits of our constant union with the Divine.

In the Primary section, a prayer service was held over the intercom to mark the new scholastic year that brings new opportunities, new challenges and new growth. It was a prayerful occasion to enter the new year with hearts full of love, hope and courage seeking God’s assistance to put to good use all the talents God has given us.

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