23 June, 2019

Parents’ involvement is foundation to students’ success.
-Ms. TejashreeVesvikar

“Alone we can do so little and together we can do so much”, said Helen Keller. The entire “Salesian Educative Community” as fondly referred to at Don Bosco Matunga, or the General Body of the Parent Teacher Association of the Primary section came together in the interest of the students in the school gym on June 22, 2019.The attendance of the parents was overwhelming.
The secretary Mrs. Mural Rebello, welcomed the Members of the Management. The Principal Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes invoked God’s blessings and introduced the members of the management, Fr. Elson Barretto, our new administrator, Sir Cliffrichard D’souza, appointed as the Vice Principal for a period of three years, Head Teacher Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, and the teachers of the Primary section. Rev. Fr. Elson addressed the parents on behalf of the Rector and appreciated the teachers, students and parents for achieving cent percent result for nine consecutive years.
Rev Fr. Principal presented the theme for the year ‘Journeying together in Joy and Holiness’ and announced the cent percent results at the S.S.C. examination with pride. He thanked the teachers, parents and boys for the hard work put in. Further Fr. Principal addressed the parents highlighting the general rules and regulations of the school and made a mention of the various policies framed for the scholastic year and the corresponding monitory committees for each of these. The parents could avail of a copy of the policy Document from the school office only after having undergone an orientation program to understand the rationale and the procedures in preparing the school policies
The guidelines for the formation of P.T.A.was communicated to the parents by Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, the Head Teacher. The parents then proceeded to their respective classrooms to meet their class teachers and to elect the executive committee representatives for the new academic year. This committee would work more closely with the management and the staff to help in achieving our goal of educating our students. The class teachers communicated to the parents important details of the curriculum, timetable, syllabus, the expected child behaviour and the rules in every classroom.
We look forward to an enriching academic year of joyous collaboration and commitment in keeping with our theme for the year.

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