About Don Bosco, Matunga


Don Bosco Matunga, is an English medium school run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. This institution meant primarily for Catholics is established and administered by the Catholic Church but it is open to all irrespective of religion, caste or creed. The school is recognised by the Government of Maharashtra.

Don Bosco is perceived as a school apart, for it has a fine blend of academics, sports and culture. Considering the numerous activities that take place all the year round one wonders when the teaching and learning is done. Well, the secret is precise pre-planning with perfect execution and behold, you have a NEAT job done in every arena. A true testament to this claim are the innumerable laurels won by the students in every field. Don Bosco sends up on an average over three hundred students and secures a nearly cent percent result. This in itself speaks volumes about the overall academic performance of the school. Each standard has its syllabus meticulously charted in the syllabus book which also contains formats of the Test/Exam papers along with the distribution of marks. Every child is given this book at the beginning of each academic year. This enables the teachers to efficiently execute the syllabus and aids the parents to follow the work systematically done in school.

Recent News

School u-14 Hockey team dons the MSSA champions title!

3 February, 2019 School u-14 Hockey team dons the MSSA champions title! -Mr. Barrington Serrao The victory for our u-14 hockey team couldn't have come at a better time and an apt occasion. The finals played on the hockey grounds of St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra...

Brainfeed School Excellence Award for our school

3 February, 2019 Brainfeed School Excellence Award for our school -Mrs. Daphne Pereira Our school is going from strength to strength in the pursuit of academic and all-round excellence. This progress and consistency have been noticed and rewarded. There's another...

u-14 Hockey team -MSSA champions!

3 February,2019 u-14 Hockey team-MSSA champions! Our U-14 hockey team, won the MSSA inter school hockey tournament played at St. Stanislaus grounds, Bandra defeating St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra 2-1 in the finals on 1st Feb 2019.

Feast of Don Bosco-staff of DBHS and DBIS come together

Feast of Don Bosco-staff of DBHS and DBIS come together -Mrs. Elizabeth Soares The feast of our father and founder St. John Bosco is a solemn festive event on the campus. It's an occasion we thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to us, and for the blessings we receive...