3 December, 2018
Our unsung heroes
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

On Wednesday, 28th November 2018, students of Std 8 B presented their assembly on the topic ‘Be a HERO’, Love your neighbour as yourself. The assembly was witnessed by Rev. Fr. Crispino Dsouza, Rev. Fr. Roy Noronha, the students of Standard VIII and standard IX along with their class teachers, members of the student council and parents.
The assembly began with instructions given by our Vice- Principal Rev. Fr. Roy which was followed by the national anthem, prayer, pledge and the school anthem.
In the presentation that followed, the students of Std 8B sent a clear message to the audience. ‘To be a Hero’ was not the prerogative of the super heroes but about the Unsung heroes as well. Each of us could be a Hero in our own way that’s spelt in the word HERO itself:
A Smile and Be Happy Meditation was conducted by the class teacher Ms. Sydelle. The skit during the assembly had a news reporter who updated the students on the news for the day. The scenes included events happening in a Taekwondo class where friends show responsibility by helping someone in need, and also a Young boy who helps his old neighbour aunt by sacrificing his play time to take care of her. The students sang a song on Lend a Helping Hand and performed a dance to the tune of ‘We could be Heroes’.
The comperes then invited our Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino Dsouza to address the assembly. Rev. Fr. Crispino commended the class teacher and the students of 8B for the variety in the scenes – the meditation, news reporting, song, the role of the young girls and boys, sports and dance. He also shared a story about the workers who work in our school on the turf and their hard work. These are the Unsung Heroes of our country.
There was a Prize distribution ceremony that followed where the members of the victorious U-14 Football team and the winners of ‘Clash of Pi’ received certificates for their creditable performance.
The hard work, practices and efforts by the students of 8B made the class assembly all the more memorable for them.

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