20 January, 2017

-Ms. Richa Singh

The students of standard III celebrated Our Senses Day on 18th January, 2017. In order to relate with the topic of ‘Pearly Teeth , Healthy Body’ in Environmental Studies that is taken up with the students in the classroom, the teachers decided to invite a dentist to talk to the children and make them aware of the importance of oral hygiene. Dr. Pranali and her assistant nurse Mrs. Jhanvi, conducted the session for the kids.

The doctor made an observation during the recess hour on the eating habits of the children and noticed that not many have the habit of gargling after a meal. She spoke on structure of the tooth and how the enamel is the hardest substance found in the human body. She briefed the children on the types of teeth in our mouth, and the function of each of them. She explained the causes of cavities and the reason junk food is injurious for our oral health. She also demonstrated the correct way of brushing the teeth.

The session was interactive and helpful for the children. Once in the classroom, the children solved informative worksheet and resolved to take good care of their teeth.



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