6 March, 2020
Our promising National award winning Junior Scientists felicitated

On the eve of the Science Day, this year’s NCSC (National Children’s Science Congress) took a curtain call by inviting all the young scientists from the Nationals here in Mumbai, to come together and be felicitated by scientists holding prestigious posts. On 27th February 2020, Ms. Barkha, Master Atharva Gajakosh (8D)and Geoffrey Nadar attended this programme. Held at S.M. Shetty High School and Junior College, Powai, the young national award winning research students were given the opportunity to learn plenty from the scientists that visited the venue. Dr. Santosh Takale (Senior Scientist) was one of them. Our young research team was felicitated by Mr. Santosh Takale, Mr. B.B. Jadhav (President of NCSC, Mumbai)and Ms. Hemali Thakkar ( NCSCguide teacher for 5 years).

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