15 Nov, 2019
Our NCC cadets attend CATC
-Master Dean Mascarenhas 9D

12 NCC cadets from standards 8 and 9 attended a Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) from 4th November to the 12th November 2019, at B. K.Birla College, Kalayan. We were accompanied to the venue by our NCC master Sir Melvin.
We, the young cadets were trained in First Aid, Fire Safety and Rifle Shooting. Each day there were sessions scheduled on health care and nutrition. We were taught how to be vigilant about the safety of others at all times and in all situations. The Naval officers briefed us on the signs and code names used in Navy and the various ships. For our physical and mental well-being, we were treated to a healthy and nutritious diet daily.
As part of the daily routine, there was physical training, drill, sports and a cultural event every night, where the cadets could display their talents in singing dancing and acting. Our trio-Purav Balani, Aryan Pawar and Mohan Meregu bagged the first place in the dance competition.
For each of us present at the camp, the CATC was an informative, learning and enriching experience. We have returned energized and enthused to take forward our own wing of the NCC at Don Bosco Matunga.

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