29 November, 2018

Our Junior Science Research team makes it to the State level
-Mrs. Anita Philip

Our research team comprising Geoffrey Nadar, Kyle Rozario, Malcolm Monseratte, Elijah Machado and Ness Mandot have made the school proud by qualify at the Maharashtra state level for the National Children’s Science Congress (NCSC) 2018-19. Over the next three days, the team will vie for a place at the National level.
Congratulations to the team, the staff, the school management and the parents of our students! Here is an abstract compiled by our team under the able guidance and assistance of their teacher guide and the parents. This will help us better understand and appreciate the history and the research behind the project.
In our fast changing demographic scale, instant coffee culture and jet set life style, we’re ignoring the vast amount of waste we generate that is polluting our natural resources, risking our health and also creating a very fragile biodiversity. Lack of man power, awareness and social etiquette with regard to clean segregation of waste is the main cause. Changing this mindset of people was a challenge and the aim of our project. To achieve this we had very interactive sessions with two eminent resource persons, Rev Fr Savio Silveira, Director Greenline, and a CEO of Bioplastic Manufacturing Company. Our methodologies included:
1. Survey Method: Conducted Online and Offline Surveys with the purpose of educating and sensitizing ALL on their significant role towards clean segregation of solid waste and adopting good social etiquettes People sensitized: 2263.
2. Experimentation: Waste to Wealth
a) Making of Bioplastic: Using cassava starch and also cassava starch with ‘I am not plastic’
Our aim was to substitute ‘Use and throw’ plastic.
b) Vermicomposting: Composting wet waste to organic manure. This not only takes care of the waste but also helps in improving the fertility of soil and increases yield.
c) Comparison of the fertility of this manure produced with normal soil.
d) Reducing and reusing Thermocol waste: As a water resistant sealant for small cracks by mixing waste thermocol with acetone. We also made different reusable articles out of this product.
3. Public Awareness Campaign: We conducted awareness campaigns in many public places, educating people about the importance of adopting zero waste policy and clean waste segregation and also steps to be taken to achieve this.
4. Visual Media Campaign: A film covering all aspects of the impact of pollution caused by irresponsible disposal of waste, solutions to the problems. By adopting these habits we could together bring about the change we want to see (the film was uploaded on social media to reach a bigger audience)
5. Multi Laminated Plastic drive: Our school took up this project of collection of MLPs at source and then sending it through to cement factories for disposal . As we know that burning of all non biodegradable waste in the open leads to emission of carcinogenic fumes causing serious health hazards. Instead when incinerated in cement kilns MLPs cause zero pollution. Our total collection of MLPS : 40717.
Our goal does not end here, with the completion of this project. We have tried our best to sow the seeds of social responsibility towards keeping our environment clean in all young minds. We pledge to continue to do this for life in order to save and protect the millions of species of our biotic family. A small step towards a big goal!
Name of the Group Leader : Geoffrey Nadar
Kyle Rozario
Malcolm Monseratte
Elijah Machado
Ness Mandot
Name of the project : Awareness and Actions taken towards waste management for clean, green and healthy environment
Name of the School: Don Bosco High School, Matunga
Name of the Principal: Fr. Bernard Fernandes
Name of the guide teacher: Ms. Anita Philip