4 July, 2019
Our boys shine at inter-school Immaculata festival

Immaculata is an inter-school event hosted by St. Mary’s (ICSE) school, Mazgaon that caters to multitudes. This year the school hosted this event for the seventh year in succession and it attracted the participation of schools nationwide. Our school too took part in this festival this year. The event hosted by St. Mary’s ICSE was an extraordinary fanfare extravaganza spread over two days on the 29th and 30th of June 2019.

21 schools participated this year and a contingent of 58 students from Don Bosco Matunga was a part of this festival in 23 events. The events were varied-literary arts, performing arts, fine arts and sports centre. Our students got an opportunity to showcase their wide range of talents at the different events. The event Back in Black (Band) was the striking feature of the day.

Our school won in the following categories:

1) Score four (Basketball)-1st place.

2) Off Guard (A mixture of sports games)-1st place.

3) Back in Black (Band)-2nd place.

4) Best performer-Ethan Dias.

5) Slip and slide (Football)-3rd place.

6) A for Alibi (Crime solving)-3rd place.

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