23 June, 2019
Orientation meeting-the Kg section
-Ms. Lynette Remedios

The parents of the Pre-Primary section assembled in the school gym for the orientation meeting on 22nd June,2019. The meeting commenced with a prayer by the Principal seeking divine blessing for the academic year. The Principal spoke about the purpose of the meeting viz. the growth and education of the young entrusted to our care and discuss ways to attain this goal. Thereafter, the Principal Fr. Bernard Fernandes introduced the Management and staff to the parents.
The Principal spoke about the role of each member of the management. On behalf of the management, he expressed his gratitude to Fr. Roy Noronha, the outgoing Administrator and Vice-Principal, for his immense dedication towards his duty. The Principal introduced the new Administrator Fr Elson Barretto and new Vice-Principal Mr. Clifford D’Souza. After having introduced the Kg Supervisor Mrs Shoba D’Souza and each of the Kg staff members, the Principal made the parents aware of the protocol they needed to follow in addressing situations that may arise in the school and campus.
Fr. Principal gave a quick insight to the newly prepared school policy document, maintenance on the campus, syllabus, importance of school app, subscription of children magazines to enhance reading habits in a child, absenteeism, extra supportive classes and professional help through occupational therapist. He asked the parents to be active and committed collaborators with the school to help the child grow and learn. The cent percent SSC results came in for high praise and the parents applauded the excellent performance.
The Principal thanked the Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza for his relentless determination towards the many developments on the campus like Hockey and football turf ground, resurfacing the basketball court and the water harvesting pits. On behalf of Fr Rector (who was out of station), Fr Elson Barretto spoke on the theme for the year “Journeying together  in joy and holiness” and touched a bit on the life of Don Bosco. As an Administrator, Fr. Elson assured the parents of the safety measures that would be put in place by the school.  The Supervisor Mrs. Shoba gave general instructions concerning discipline, deportment and other matters related to academics and activities on the campus.
The meeting ended with the Principal thanking the parents for their valuable presence. The parents left the meeting hall having received some constructive information about the running of the school and motivated to strengthen the ties of collaboration with the school staff and management to help in the all round development of their children.

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