Online celebration of Hindi Diwas
-Mrs. Daksha Tandel

14th September every year is celebrated as ‘Hindi Diwas’. In our school, Ms. Anupama, Sir Rajesh and Ms. Sarita coordinated the day’s online proceedings with the support of the Hindi department and a few students.
A video presentation highlighting the importance of the day was forwarded to all the classes and was presented in the Hindi Google meet class. The video was symbolic of the day’s celebration. The sound of the conch purifies the environment, the symbolic diya signifies brightness, the rangoli signifies colour in our life.
In his speech, Master Ranveer Singh Thakur from 10 B expressed the importance of Hindi and the way it is accepted as an official language. Master Shivam Singh from 10 D rendered a song on the origin of the Hindi language and he was accompanied by Nishad More from 8 A on the key board.
Following the video presentation in the classes, a few boys shared their sentiments on the day’s programme. Master Rowan Serrao from 6A said that he listened very carefully to the speech which was simple to understand and informative. The video inspired Master Advait Pol from 8D to take pride in our Hindi language. Master Samrat Jadhav of 8 D and Master Reyansh Kataria of 7E were happy to see the concept of the video presentation which highlighted the importance of the day. Master Aayush Chaudhary of Std 7 E felt a greater feeling of happiness as the teacher gave extra information of the day. Master Harsh Agrawal of 9A felt that Hindi language is the cord which ties all the languages together and accommodated words from the other languages. Master Dhiren Lalwani and Master Jash Todankar of 5C felt richer in knowledge as this was their first experience of the celebration of the Hindi Diwas.
It was a an enriching virtual celebration of the Hindi Diwas that reached out to the students in their homes, thanks to the initiative and coordination of the Hindi faculty of the school.

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