5 February, 2018

One earth, one home, one ecosystem, one family – Red House Assembly

-Ms. Perpetual Nazareth 

The Red House began the House Assembly week with a bang. The sounds and songs of nature on the intercom and the children dressed as flora and fauna created an appropriate atmosphere to represent their theme ‘Nature as Family.’The assembly over the intercom presented by the staff and students of the Red House had diverse elements of nature- including the endangered tiger, dying mangroves, the polluted air, the depleting soil and the choked river Mithi- each personified to address the audience and evoke a cry for timely help.  At the same time, they also confided their trust and hope in the young, as agents of change and stewards of creation.

The young green warriors of our school were hailed for giving a nod to sustainable living, recycling and environmental friendliness through participation in the river march that highlighted river water conservation and cleanliness, the anti litter day and rally organised, planting of saplings on Independence day, collecting eco bricks to help the people in the slum areas and the segregation of waste.

The videos played in each class reiterated the theme of ‘Nature As Family’, with each component interacting with and dependent upon the other and the need thus, to coexist in harmony with her.

An initiative by the Red House to provide a plantable wood-free pencil was met with an overwhelming response. The promise towards their contribution to the preservation of ecology and humankind by the students was a hope that our young generation was ready to fight for a better future.