28 February, 2019
Nutritional Day-Std I to IV
-Mrs. Colleen Azavedo

“To maintain good health requires good nutrition and a healthy dose of exercise.”
To make the students aware of healthy food, the students of Don Bosco Primary School celebrated Nutritional Day on February 25, 2019. This theme was co-related with the curriculum. To this end, the students of Std I to IV were asked to carry healthy snacks in their tiffin, and a discussion was held on the same. The students of Std III brought colourful booklets and stuck pictures of healthy food and Junk food, they wrote little captions for each.
The teachers also discussed the importance of food, its various constituents and reasons of having a balanced diet. Songs, videos and power point presentation helped students to understand the concept with much more ease.
During the break the students shared their snacks with their friends. There were the other activities that were the highlights of the day-the teachers taught the students of std I to prepare corn chat and std IV peanut ladoos. Finally they did a worksheet which was interesting and informative.
“We must eat food prepared at home as it is much healthier and packed with nutrition.” says Aarush Tawde, student of Std IVD.

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