Nutritional Day- Healthy Food for Healthy Life
-Ms. Alareen Fernandes

Health is Wealth, is a famous proverb which we all have heard and is indeed, true. To make the students aware of the importance of healthy food which is vital for our bodies to be salubrious, Nutritional Day was organized virtually on Friday, 12th February for the students of Std I- II and on Saturday, 13th February, 2021 for the students of Std III – IV.
The teachers presented informative PowerPoints and encouraged the students to adopt healthy eating habits, as eating well is fundamental to good health and well-being. Students were motivated to avoid junk food and not to waste food as wasted food means wastage of money and efforts which is never good for anyone. They learnt about the value of good nutrition as it is important for leading a healthy lifestyle combined with physical activities and also helps in reducing the risk of many diseases.
Songs, videos and discussions helped the students understand the concept better. The students were also given an opportunity to prepare a healthy snack virtually under the guidance of the teacher and share it with their family. They couldn’t resist having it and so they relished it during class. It was a delightful moment. The informative day came to an end with the students sharing their views about healthy eating.
“We are thankful to the teacher for conducting the activity as it was the first time our son made snacks for us all”, exclaimed the mother of Ayush Sanktol, Std I A.
“I had fun making the pin wheel sandwich and shared it later with my family. It was super tasty,” said Joshua Deniz, Std II D
“Remember when your body is hungry, it wants NUTRIENTS not CALORIES.”-Ayaan Shah III D
“Nutritional food is not only tasty but also healthy.”-Jordan Fernando IV D
The students also had a great time solving the activity worksheet. They enjoyed it to the fullest and learnt a lot at the same time.

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