29 August 2015.

The students of Std IIINumbers are Important  0001 observed Numbers are Important Day on the 26th of August. The classrooms were decorated in keeping with the theme. A discussion  was held where the children were made to understand how and why numbers play an important role in our everyday life. Before numbers were invented people used pebbles and stones for counting. Later on people counted on their fingers .Even today the system of counting from one to ten using fingers is popular in most countries. In fact the decimal system was inspired by our ten digits (fingers). Individual numbers are therefore called digits. The invention of zero by Aryabhatt made the difficult calculations easy. Indians used the concept of zero for the first time and in turn the Arabs who learnt it from India introduced the concept to the western world.

 The students were made familiar with numbers in a few othNumbers are Important  0004er languages. During the course of the day the work done was all co-related to numbers. The students solved interesting worksheets and viewed a power point presentation. Through the various activities conducted the students learnt numbers are unavoidable in one’s life. Without numbers there would be no science, no music and no art. The children really enjoyed the various activities conducted and learning outcomes were achieved.

-Kashmira Rodrigues