27 August 2016

-Ms. Mural Rebello

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It is just amazing that how small things affect our lives and how we are completely ignorant about them. Numbers hold a true potential in them. They are important scientifically socially and economically.

Std. 3 celebrated Numbers are Important Day on 26, August, 2016. The teacher explained that the  meaning of numbers is so deeply embedded that a small focus on it has the capability to change our life for the better. The teacher then created exciting fun exercises involving creativity and memorable  events for children and linked them to their daily activities. Various other tasks such as mathematical puzzles, crosswords, songs on numbers, creating sketches using numbers, games related to numbers and worksheet were also completed. The students later participated enthusiastically in all the brainstorm activities and also learnt to practice accuracy on their own.  Numbers will always be a part of our daily lives.