21 July, 2019

Nothing is impossible-Recollection for Std 8
-Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

The recollection for the students of Std 8 studying morals was held on 20th July 2019 in the school conference hall. The students of the six divisions were accompanied by Ms. Yugandhara, Ms. Snehal and Ms. Gracy. Mr. Samson Francis was the resource person for the session. Mr. Francis is resourceful in training and has an experience in training people in various fields besides being a visiting faculty member for MBA colleges.
The session began with Mr. Samson Francis introducing himself and making the students comfortable. He mentioned that the students’ feedback was of utmost importance to him. He made the students say ‘I can choose to be who I am’, to encourage them in taking their own decisions. He then got the students to brainstorm about their life choices by asking them connected questions. He related human life events to the lives of animals like eagle, chicken, elephant, etc. at the end of which there was a lesson to be remembered for a life time. Mr. Samson told the students that ‘Nothing is impossible’ and that one can train oneself to face any obstacle.

Mr. Samson concluded the session by stating the importance of thinking skills which are necessary to take a right decision without being boastful.
At the end of the session Master Jasneet Singh Arora proposed the vote of thanks to Mr. Samson Francis for his guidance and encouragement. It was an enriching experience for everyone.

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