8 July, 2018

Not In My Ocean
Ms. Yugandhara Kaskar

On 2nd July 2018, a few teachers represented our school at a seminar conducted by Green Line in the Provincial House, Don Bosco, Matunga. Teachers from all schools who work under the green school campaign in collaboration with Green Line were invited for this inaugural session of the new academic year.
The participants were warmly welcomed by Father Savio Silveira, the Director of the Greenline campaign. He introduced his team members and spoke on the theme of this academic year, NOT IN MY OCEAN. We were sensitized towards the theme through a short film titled The Plastic Age, which focused on the plastic waste generated by the world and its effects on the marine life. The participants were asked to share their opinions and views on this topic.
The Greenline team had also invited guest speakers, the team of Marine Life Mumbai for the seminar. They made us aware of the Mumbaikars living in and along the coastline of Mumbai which comprises the marine life of Mumbai. They focused on how our lifestyle is affecting the marine life of Mumbai and its effects on our future.
In the second half of the session Miss Carol briefed us on the sessions and tasks that were to be conducted throughout the scholastic year under the green school campaign. She briefed the participants on the procedures to follow the tasks and the criteria on which the schools will be judged.
The session ended with a vote of thanks by Sir Swanand to his team, Marine Life Mumbai team and the teachers who attended the session.

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