19 June 2020

“New beginnings, new ideas, new energy and exciting surprises for the new academic year 2020-2021.”
-Ms. Sydelle Mascarenhas

The school had a staggered reopening schedule for the different classes given the first experiments with online teaching and the big audience that we handle. We began with Standards IX and X on 15th June 2020.
The reopening day for the students of Std VII and VIII was scheduled for 16th June, 2020. The teachers worked hard to make this day a memorable one for their students in their class. The associate teachers joined the class teachers for the day’s session. The teachers and the students were extremely excited to meet each other virtually. The joy and happiness reflected on their faces when they wished each other Good morning and said Hi to their friends who were online.
The teachers prepared power point presentations and videos to make their first class interesting for the students. After admitting the students to class, the teachers instructed the children to turn off their audios but to keep the camera on. With their hands joined and eyes closed, the children recited the customary prayer before class.
Then came the time to un-mute the mike and while at the same time answer the roll call! Caught in this unusual situation, the students’ excitement was palpable to observe their friends on screen for the first class.
A time for instructions followed when the teachers displayed the points on the power point presentation and also used interactive ways to inform the students the norms to be followed for all the online classes. These instructions included:
Punctuality-To log in 10-15 minutes prior to the class
Uniform-To wear the school uniform, white shirt for the class.
Discipline Proper discipline and behaviour needs to be maintained during the online sessions.
Notebooks-Types of long books that need to be maintained for each subject.
Regular studies Studies need to be done on a regular basis.
Completion of work-All class work and assignments need to be completed in their notebooks.
Sitting arrangement-Boys need to sit in a proper space to avoid disturbance and distractions.
Audio and Video Audio to be off and Camera to be on during the online sessions.
Devices Boys need to have a headphone and mike to facilitate better interaction with the teachers.
Not allowed- No audio or video recordings to be taken of the session and no pictures of the screen to be taken during the session.
Queries The students and parents can call the teacher at a designated time for queries.
Subject codes- Codes for different subjects will be sent on the class whatsapp group, every student needs to join the class.
Meeting link- Meet links will be sent 15 minutes prior on the group. Students need to join the class only through their own Gmail id. No parents’ name to appear on the Google Classroom page.

The teachers asked the students to share their experiences during the lockdown and how they used their time constructively. During that time we had special guests in our our Vice-Principal, Coordinator, Assistant Headmistress and the Supervisors who attended the teachers classes to wish the students and the teachers for the new academic year while giving the students certain instructions that needed to be followed in the course of the remote learning period.The associate teachers too gave the children certain instructions and also coordinated with the class teachers for a smooth functioning of the class.
In their enthusiasm to respond, the students jumped with excitement while un-muting their microphone to share their experiences. Every student wanted to say something, and the teacher allowed each boy to share their views.
The teachers were overjoyed listening to the students as they shared their feelings. The strong bond of interaction between the teachers and the students was undeniable and they wanted to get back to school soon, be in their classrooms and play on the grounds.
The class ended on a positive note as the teachers and the students wished good-bye.

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