Never give up on Hope-Std 9 B Online class assembly
Mrs. Daksha Tandel

“Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.”
It’s been exactly six months today, 16th September 2020, when physical school stopped and the whole world started grappling under the virus. Coincidentally it was the online class assembly day for the students and the class teacher of Std.9 B.
The class teacher Ms. Daksha started the assembly invoking god’s blessings.
Nature started healing in this pandemic, the sky became clearer, the environment clean and greener. The students sang a rhythmic song which reflected this healing aspect of nature and that now it is our responsibility to take care of it.
A skit showcased that centuries ago a similar situation took place, but as humans we stood back on our feet. Today we have the doctors, nurses, cops and other essential workers who stand by us; we need to support them too in this crucial time. Thanks to technology today teachers also have taken up the task of online teaching and hence learning has continued, birthday celebrations have become virtual and online meets are the talk of the day.
Next in line was a foot tapping dance move that set the cheerful tone. This was followed by the symbolic passing of the flame of hope that reflected the theme of the assembly.
Rev. Fr. Rector voiced the two sides of the situation-today the boys are missing school, no class pranks, no parties, no socializing, no restaurants, no cinema, and above all no sports. However, the positive side is that we need to see what is more important in our life. Till now, we were just running a rat’s race. We are now give time and the opportunity to interact with people whom we have not met, connect virtually with old friends, strengthen family bonds and make time for our hobbies. Fr. Crispino congratulated the boys for a well conducted class assembly.
Rev. Fr. Principal also congratulated the class teacher and the boys for the smooth functioning of the assembly without any technical glitches. He said it speaks of the tremendous efforts taken to ensure a smooth conduct of the assembly. Fr. Bernard made a mention of the compere who was excellent, the choice of song based on nature that was heartwarming and the symbolic passing of the candle that reflected the theme of Hope.
The Vice-Principal Sir Clifford praised the participation of the entire class while the AHM Mrs. Christina lauded the message conveyed through a compact blended script. The assembly thus ended with words of praise and a ray of hope and faith that things will normalize soon.

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