7 November, 2017

NCSC Research team makes it to the National Level

-Ms. Anita Philip (Guide teacher)

Scientific Research involves going beyond the well tested ideas and theories that form the core of scientific knowledge.

Our Chitosan team that won at the state level and qualified for Nationals worked on the same lines. Our students went about making bioplastic from prawn shells which would substitute plastic and help solve major waste management issue with regard to non bio gradable substances. The myriad application of Chitosan based bioplastic which include – fast biodegradability rate, anti microbial property, anti mosquito breeding property made the project very challenging and helped them win the state level competition.

Under the able guidance of Dr.Godfrey (ICT), Dr. Rosilda ( Sandip University), Mr. Perses Bilimoria (CEO, EarthSoul India)our students were inspired to do all the experiments in our school laboratory

We are aware that the Paris Climate Change Accord aims in keeping the global temperature rise below 2 degree centigrade . A rise of up to 1.5 degree centigrade itself would significantly risk our planet. It is time that our educated mass consciously make an effort in avoiding non- biodegradable material and contribute towards sustainability of natural resource for our future generation.

Statistics of State Level Competition – Jalgaon 1st-2nd December 2017

Total no. of projects from all over Maharashtra that participated

at state level: 145

1st Round – State level qualified projects:  70

2nd Round – State Level Winners that qualified for Nationals: 30 (15 Juniors and 15 Seniors)

Our Project:

Sustainable application of Chitosan with emphasis on bioplastic and controlled mosquito breeding which got selected for Nationals was defended by:

Soham Shastri – 9D

Arnav Sawant    –  8A

The other team members include Arya.S (9B), Ahmad.K (9D) and Moin.H(9A)

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